About Precision Application Asia

A New Forum For Scalable, Sustainable Development

The Precision Application Asia Conference examines how precision agriculture is affecting the application of seed, fertilizers, water, and crop protection products and how data is driving new application methods, including drones, variable-rate application, AI-powered spot application, and new formulations of crop inputs.

Attendees will learn how and when new technologies are creating disruption of current value chains, and how to capitalize on the evolution of agriculture that promotes more efficient and effective farming systems, more profitable farmers, and better food security for the communities they serve.

Join us and take a leadership position at the first event designed exclusively in the interest of crop input and precision application technology pioneers.

Who Should Attend

  • Manufacturers, formulators, distributors, and dealers of crop protection and plant health products who are actionably interested in precision technology
  • Precision application technology companies providing UAV and ground-based sprayers, AI, sensor technology, and data management/decision support tools for agriculture
  • Large grower co-op and food processing executives engaged in agronomic standards, farm management, and traceability.

About the Organizers

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